Health survival guide to the festive holiday

 Christmas- The season of goodwill, it is the very time of the year that I believe moderation must definitely be in moderation. As much as I enjoy letting my hair down however the years have taught me that I can’t bounce back from the excess quite like I used to.
I would be telling large lies if I said I didn’t enjoy all the bells and whistles that accompany the festive season. But I have mastered tricks that allow me to maintain a certain level of health. Breakfast for champions:  Start each day with a little sustenance.
Regardless of your choice it will make that accompanying glass of bucks fizz all the easier to justify. Why not jazz up the standard oat staple porridge with a dash of cinnamon, fresh berries and honey. If that doesn’t sounds appetising then try berry pancakes with smoked bacon and maple syrup. Smoothies and juices are also ways to get nutrients fast and boost the immune system. Stay Hydrated. Lord knows if there is anything I have learned it is to stay hydrated.
Make it a daily aim to drink at least two litres of water. When the alcohol is flowing and the rich food is aplenty, keeping on top of fluids will save you from the dreaded headaches and hangovers that will undoubtedly blight your festive experience.
A little brisk exercise perhaps. No, I am not talking intense cardio or hours of weight-lifting. If you can squeeze it into your schedule then be my guest. However, getting in a brisk walk here and there and a little fresh air can really have benefits. Not least to get away from your crazy aunt when the sherry starts taking hold.
 It may sound super basic and probably the least of your worries as fighting fit students but catching a decent night’s sleep helps the body regenerate and replenish. It also makes it that bit easier to attack another night on the tiles.
By Fiona McGeever

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