Hastings to suffer due to University campus closure

Last year, the University of Brighton announced they were closing the Hastings campus in the summer of 2019 and everyone thought how would the closure affect me and did not consider who would be worst affected from the closure, which is Hastings itself.

The Hastings campus will close down in 2019.


As since the University opened in 2003, It has brought in hundreds of students from all round the country and the world and allowed students from different courses to interact and socialise with locals and become part of a community and feel part of Hastings itself.

There will be a big void to fill when the university shuts it doors and below I spoke to Senior Lecturer of Sports Journalism, Jed Novick, who explain what a sad day it is for Hastings and if the decision to close the University was the correct one:

 With hundreds of students being brought into the town to study their degrees, local businesses will be hit hard by the campus closure.

The business that could be worse affected will be Estate Agents, as student’s need accommodation to live in throughout their degree, which are a minimum of three years, so Estate Agents can make a lot of money from renting properties out to students. Below I spoke to a manager of local Estate Agent’s, Easylet Rentals, Bill Neech who reflects on the affect the closure will have on his business:


 This graphic below backs up my point with the amount of property that is let out to students by the University and private landlords:

The graph illustrating the amount of bed spaces rented out to students.


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