Has the Government forsaken our health services?

Over a 100 dead health workers and sending positive COVID-19 patients to care homes, the Governments actions have been questionable.

CQC, Quality Care Commission the care home regulator published the official national statistics showing that over the 10th to the 24th of April cares homes reported over 4000 deaths of corona virus, this is four times the amount recorded by April 10th.

The Health Secretary, Matt Hancock has said hospital patients who test positive for corona virus would continue to be discharged into care homes, despite the possible evidence of it being the reason for the spike of deaths in care homes.

Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

Health worker been put at risk by lack of PPE, there have been multiple protests from NHS workers, including a pregnant Meenal Viz outside of University college hospital in London health.

Between February 25 and April 18th, 2020 over 748 million pieces items of PPE has been handed out over the UK, and with 28,000 death nationally that might seem manageable.

A report released by Minister Matt Warman, recording PPE use in the Lincoln Hospital Trust area which Cover three hospitals shows the nation collectively needs a lot more PPE to safely carry out health precautions.

The daily use of PPE is 39,500 surgical masks, 11,495 gloves, 1,501 gowns, 4,201 highly protective FFP3 repository masks.

To understand the strains health workers and at-risk people have been under during corona virus I talked to a registered mental health nurse Called Bee in her preceptor year, almost a year into her role.

Before corona-virus she would make appointments to have 1-1 contact with 4-5 people referred to the service each day.

Her role was planning and providing support and nursing care. These arranged meeting would take place at their home or a resource centre

Since the lock-down her job has changed to over the internet and has the responsibility of supporting more people without meeting in person. However, she is still visiting at risk individuals who need extra support at their home.

Bee explained at beginning how she had a limited amount of PPE, saying “I only had one mask per day at the start, I would have to see at least one person it was a little worrying, but we have all we need now finally”.

The nurse described how her patients becoming uncomfortable with personal care and scared of the virus entering their home because of their health risks.

In this clip you can hear Bee go deeper into how her patients copped with COVID-19 and how she’s tackled the difficulty of her patient’s anxiety.

She had her more worries after the mental health team being stretched thin and having to give face to face care for 6 people in a week, saying “at the beginning I felt really frightened and because we didn’t know how it spreads.”

In the end she described herself as lucky in comparison to other health workers, with only having to see limited people in a week.

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