Government response ‘not enough’ to tackle climate change say activists

Extinction Rebellion and Green Party have criticised the government’s response to climate change saying more needs to be done.

The activists protested throughout London for 10 days in April, leaving London at a standstill as trains and roads were blocked.

Extinction Rebellion spokesperson Jayne Forbes said: “The government have made no attempt to show they’ve seen there’s an urgency because they’ve fixed a date of 2050.

“We’re happy they’re starting to engage with the whole thing but now we have to push them to act.”

The government are aiming for 80% reduction in carbon commissions by 2050 but Extinction Rebellion say that is not soon enough.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove told campaigners he was open to a more ambitious target. Photograph: Extinction Rebellion

They have set a target for zero carbon emissions by 2025 which the Centre for Alternative Technology say would be challenging but it’s impossible to know until we try.

“There’s government stuff, council stuff and there’s individual stuff that people need to be thinking about. The government isn’t doing enough but I think it’s difficult because the government is always thinking about votes.” Said Brighton Green Party Councillor Sue Shanks.

“Privatisation of services doesn’t help for instance. If I want to go to Scotland it’s cheaper to go by plane, then by train. We have to make it easy for people to do the right thing.”

Extinction Rebellion say more protests are planned for the future.

Extinction Rebellion protestors at Parliament Square. Credit: Vladimir Morozov/akxmedia

Forbes said: “It’s just the beginning. People are beginning to wake up to climate and ecological disaster, but they don’t really know the full extent yet.”

Images courtesy of Extinction Rebellion (Andy Reeves / Gareth Thomas)

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