GolfSixes: does it grow the game?

Figures recently revealed that the amount of registered golfers in the UK is down by over a quarter since 2004, it’s resoundingly clear that golf is in need of change.


But does GolfSixes help bring that change?


GolfSixes was compiled of 16 two-man teams, split into four groups, playing greensomes over six holes at a time. The top two from each group would progress to the quarter-final, where it would become a knockout competition.

GolfSixes has only been running for two years on the European Tour


Ryan Curtis, founder of @TheClub on Twitter, an organisation solely created to force the initiative #GrowTheGame and help speed up the game, believes the event is good, but comes across rather gimmicky and avoids the target audience of 18-35 year olds.

The event had a very relaxed feel to it. The players encouraged noise from fans on the first tee, music played through speakers on the fourth green and there was shot clocks on display to increase the speed of play.


The shot clock gave players 30 seconds to hit their shot, something that most golf fans around the world have been urging the two golf tours to introduce for years, so that was most certainly a success.

The shot clock allowed players 30 seconds to hit their shot on holes 4 and 6


However, you could see it wasn’t as gripping for the fans as usual, competitive golf. Applause for shots were subtle and adults were reluctant to make noise, making some holes quite awkward as those who had the task of warming up the crowd were sometimes met with silence.


Overall though, it’s certainly an event that will help grow the game, especially for young children who were not interested in the sport before. It was fun, energetic and different.


One thing is evidently clear however, shorter formats like GolfSixes will never rival typical tour events.

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