General Election 2017 – The Wrong Outcome?

By Natacha Andueza Bosch, Mollie Quirk, Joseph Shannon and Lucy Stoyles.

The political scene has been busy for the past couple of years, to say the least, and things don’t seem to be quietening down anytime soon. Here at we’ve been curious to know your opinion on who would be the best candidate to govern the United Kingdom. We decided to take to the streets to obtain your thoughts and feelings on the two most eligible candidates: Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May. But who will be the most popular choice among the people we asked? 

We spoke to five completely random people of all ages, genders and backgrounds to obtain their political stance, and here’s what they had to say: 

We asked Matt Crolla, 27, a Physiotherapy Student from the North West of England which candidate he feels would run the country the best, Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn.  

He said: “Jeremy Corbyn right now is not ideal, but Theresa May is not the better choice.” 

Beren Murphy, 26, Haywards Heath said:

“I think Jeremy Corbyn, really. I am slightly vague about where he will get the money from. But with the Tories at the moment I feel like we’ve been taking a lot of money away from places that really need it like the NHS, like Midwifery Students. But also schools.

“I’m not very happy with Brexit and I’m not very happy with the calls that the Tories have been making.”

 We also spoke to Rachael Tibble, a 36-year-old Midwifery student from Eastbourne. Rachael is a pro-May supporter and a Brexiteer also. Rachael believes that Theresa May will get us the hardest deal when it comes to the Brexit negations. 

“Theresa May [for Prime Minister], I don’t like Corbyn. 

“I think she [Theresa May] gets a harder deal to be honest.

“I wanted Brexit.” 

 Rhiannon, 32, from Burwash, England shared her views on the current political scene with us: 

“I’m a member of the Labour party, he’s the leader of the Labour Party and I have followed him for the past decade.

“He is probably more honest and has better ideals that suit what I believe in.

“I can’t stand the woman [Theresa May], I don’t think she’s particularly genuine, I think that she is part of the kind of people that are what’s wrong with politics and I don’t like the Conservatives. She’s far too much like Margaret Thatcher.

“I wish we had more options, I don’t see any credible ones at the moment.” 

The outcome shows that from all people asked, Jeremy Corbyn is the more attractive choice. This result could have been expected due to Eastbourne being typically left of centre, on the other hand it could also be seen as a surprise due to the fact that Eastbourne is actually a Liberal Democrat constituency.  

Could this indicate a potential shift when the next vote comes around? We will have to find out when that time comes, whenever that may be.  

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