Floorball is on the rise in Hastings

Ashley Hills and Rian McDonald are among the 650 registered floorball players in the UK, an indoor ball game developed in Sweden in the 70s.

The two youngsters from Hastings took up the niche sport three and a half years ago. “After the first session I was hooked,” McDonald says.

They play for Hastings Predators in the UK Floorball Federation Senior National League, and have also featured in Team GB U19s.

The level of play, however, isn’t yet comparable to the top countries in the sport.

Check from the video (below) more on floorball, Hastings Predators and the thoughts of Hills and McDonald as well as the two-time World Champion Mikael Jarvi.

On the podcast Jarvi and John Liljelund, the Secretary General of the International Floorball Federation, discuss the Olympic ambitions of the sport.


Written by Joonas Laine, Edited by Jonathan Leighfield

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