Five Most Interesting Draft Prospects

Welcome to the third edition of the Onside Kick with me, Sam Carroll. This week we will take a look at the top five most interesting players in this upcoming draft. Note that this is not a list of the five best players, but the five with the most interesting story behind them.

Kyler Murray

Quarterback, Oklahoma

It’s pretty widely accepted now that the Arizona Cardinals will take Kyler Murray with the first pick in the draft.

However, what is interesting is that Murray is that he is an extraordinary prospect.

The first thing you notice about him is that he is quite small.

At 5’10”, the 21-year-old is shorter than any quarterback currently playing in the NFL, and is the same height as Doug Flutie; the shortest NFL quarterback ever.

However, once you get past his underwhelming size, you see that he is an incredible player. His outstanding attributes include the strongest arm of any player in this draft, lightning speed, and a phenomenal playmaking ability gives him a real opportunity to impress.

Predicted destination: Arizona Cardinals (Rd 1, Pk 1)

TJ Hockenson

Tight End, Iowa

Ever since Rob Gronkowski retired on 24th March, people have been hailing TJ Hockenson as the ‘next Gronk’.

While it is too soon to tell whether Hockenson will have anything close to the career the three-time Superbowl champion had, he is easily the most exciting tight end prospect in this draft.

The Chariton native has been praised for his speed and versatility as well as his ability as a blocker.

Even though tight ends don’t usually get picked very high in the draft, the 21-year-old is expected to be selected around the top 10.

Predicted destination: Denver Broncos (Rd 1, Pk 10)

Ed Oliver

Defensive Tackle, Houston

Ed Oliver’s first two seasons at the University of Houston were highly successful, as he earned first team All American honours as a freshman and won the Outland trophy as a sophomore, which is awarded to the best college interior lineman in the country.

However, a persistent knee injury kept the defensive tackle on the side-line for a lot of his third year, and an argument with his head coach that got out-of-hand raised concerns about his character.

Despite this, the Houston native still made the most tackles for loss on his team, and where he is selected will be one of the most intriguing storylines of this draft.

Predicted destination: Minnesota Vikings (Rd 1, Pk 18)

Drew Lock

Quarterback, Missouri

The jury is very much out to see if Drew Lock can be a solid NFL quarterback.

Some people love his arm strength and potential, whereas others hate his inconsistency and decision making.

I believe Lock can become a top quarterback in the professional league, but it will take a very good coach to bring the best out of him, as he is incredibly inconsistent.

The 22-year-old will not be able to start week one in his rookie year and be successful, as he doesn’t have all the tools yet to pick apart an NFL level defence.

Overall, Lock is a hit-or-miss prospect who needs to sit behind a veteran player for a year while he develops properly.

Predicted destination: Washington Redskins (Rd 1, Pk 15)

DK Metcalf

Wide receiver, Ole Miss

The hype around DK Metcalf in the lead-up to the draft has been phenomenal.

He is the most physically gifted wide receiver in the 2019 draft class, standing at 6’3” and possessing one of the fastest 40-yard-dash times at the scouting combine.

However, on closer inspection you can see that the 21-year-old actually has a lot of flaws.

When he is running vertical routes, the Mississippi native is one of the best in the business, but he can’t really do anything else.

He has also struggled with injuries; he had two season ending injuries in his three years at Ole Miss.

He is far from being a polished receiver, and it will take a lot of developing before he can become a solid number one receiver in the NFL.

Predicted destination: Baltimore Ravens (Rd 1, Pk 22)

Sub-edited by Callum Ferguson

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