Extinction Rebellion and going carbon neutral

The protestors in the middle of Oxford Street

It was a little over a month ago that Extinction Rebellion occupied Oxford Street, where they gave off one of their main goals; to make the UK carbon neutral by 2025.

However, many have criticised this goal calling it bold or too ambitious.

Street occupied by protestors in April

“I think you need to be realistic, it’s going to take time,” Lucy Listle, a worker at University of Brighton’s carbon reduction campaign C-Change, voiced her opinion. “The overall message that we are unsustainable in the way that we consume, the way that we produce is absolutely key.”

The main goal of C-Change is to reduce carbon emissions 55% by 2020. They host various campaigns and events that encourage a greener mindset.

I asked March For The Ocean UK organisers Eleanor Butler and Sophia Zengierski on reducing carbon and this is what they had to say:

There are many ways people can reduce their carbon use in their daily lives, such as buying locally instead of at chains. It is more expensive, but the businesses that cause carbon emissions do so to fit a consumer demand.

Eleanor commented: “I think that big actions need to be taken which starts with small actions.”

Discussing other ways to reduce carbon too, might even help the goal become more attainable. If it keeps the conversation going, then people can still find ways to live with less pollution.

While the goal is definitely an ambitious one, reducing carbon can only be a good thing to increase biodiversity.

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