Extinction Rebellion: 12 years to save the planet

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Flickr: Extinction Rebellion, London 2019 – by David Holt

Climate campaigners known as Extinction Rebellion have been marching and protesting on the streets of London in an effort to raise awareness about rising global temperatures.

The protests have been the greatest act of civil disobedience and peaceful protest in decades, but they are for good reason.

Extinction Rebellion Google Doc – Billy Rickards 2019

By 2050 our planet will be at least 1.5 degrees warmer than it is now. We know that 60% of animals have been wiped out since 1970, coral reefs are rapidly fading, and ice sheets are crumbling into the sea.

Science tells us that we must keep two thirds of fossil fuels in the ground if we are to curb carbon emissions and stay below the 2 degree rise in temperature. If not, we face serious consequences.

Whilst the events in London may have inconvenienced some people, it is nothing compared to the challenges that threaten our future.

Flickr: Extinction Rebellion, London 2019 – by David Holt

Climate change activist, Annaleise Oesterlin, explains the dangers of global warming and how it is the greatest global threat humans have faced in thousands of years. She said, “The world we see now is slowly deteriorating so I’m willing to do anything to ensure we have a healthy and stable future on this planet”.

If you’re under the age of 25 then climate change will have a drastic effect on your future. If this is not stopped within the next 12 years, our future will see extreme weather patterns, rising sea levels, mass migration and disease.

Climate change is not something happening in the future, it is happening now, and it is time for the governments of the world to realise that the planet on which we depend is in their hands.

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