Eastbourne Nightlife: All You Need To Know

With only one question at hand, we had the job of finding the best places in Eastbourne to go out. Five interviews later, it’s clear to see Atlantis has made an early impression on the new undergraduates. With Atlantis being the most popular destination according to our students, it seems this is the place to go if you find yourself in Eastbourne.

Chloe Robbins, 18, a Sport and Exercise Science student from Essex, said: ““So far I’ve found that the best place to go out in Eastbourne is Atlantis, but I also really enjoy going over and chilling in other people’s flats.

“Atlantis is great because it’s Spacious. I really like the lighting they have there, but the best thing about Atlantis is the music, it’s great.

“I’ve been to Cameo once but I didn’t really like it that much. It was too small, and the drinks were so expensive.

“Where I’m from in Essex, the clubs are either really prestigious or really cheap and dirty, there’s no in between. But in Eastbourne there are more clubs which suit more people which I think is better.”

Daniel Moruzzi, 19, a Sport and Exercise Science student from North London, said: “The best night I’ve had so far in Eastbourne was the paint party at Atlantis on the first night, it was great fun.

“I prefer places that are more chilled, but I also like the more up tempo place as well so somewhere in between is always good.

“I found Cameo completely different to Atlantis. The music’s different but it’s more exciting as it has two floors which is good if you want to meet different people.

“In North London, night life is much better because there’s more people going out and the music is better. But being in London it is more expensive, one time I had to pay £15 for a shot so I am enjoying Eastbourne in that respect”.

Will Hayler, 18, a Sport and Exercise science student, has hit the town on five out of six nights so far. Atlantis has hosted many of the Fresher events, including a paint party on Saturday. He said: “I love just getting messy.”

Nightlife in Eastbourne appears to be booming with thousands of freshers entering the town for the first time. The place to be at the moment seems to be Atlantis nightclub on the pier, with good music and reasonable prices.

Ben Pattison described his first night out in Eastbourne at Atlantis nightclub as his favourite, saying he prefers the music in Atlantis to that in Cameo.

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