Drake and Netflix to revive British TV Show

By Tom Kelly

Drake, the 31-year-old international musician is collaborating with streaming website Netflix. Musician Drake and the streaming site Netflix have revealed plans to re-create Top Boy – a well-known UK TV series.

The one time Grammy award winner has taken an eye towards the big screens as his legendary rap career draws to a close.

Netflix have revealed via Twitter that they have plans to re-create the prestigious British drama show, with Drake spearheading the development and possibly even acting in remake of the series.

The Toronto based rap artist has a strong interest within the original TV series which aired on Channel 4 back in 2011. This became evident as Drake himself posted a picture of main character, Dushane, in 2014 on his Instagram page, where he boasts over 38 million followers.

Top Boy was particularly popular within the UK as the TV series spanned over two years and is considered to be an all-time Channel 4 classic.

The television crime drama series emphasises the struggle for youth of living within inner London. Based within the infamous Hackney, East London, it portrays the problems of young people as they are surrounded by dangerous drug deals and horrifying gang violence.

With the likes of Drake and respected grime artist, Skepta, now overseeing the development of the new series, this may create an exciting twist to an already legendary series.

When interviewed about the new show, a Brighton student answers: “I really enjoyed the show and would love to see Drake on the new series”

The three best episodes of the original Top Boy drama series:

As the new series of Top Boy has been announced featuring rap artist Drake, here at Overtime we look over the three best episodes of the renowned series.

Series 2 Episode 4

Main character, Dushane, is ashamed about his involvement in Kamale’s death but demands his enemy, Kayla, to keep quiet otherwise he’s threatened to kidnap her son. Will the rest of Summerfield find out about Dushane’s actions?

Series 2 Episode 1

One year on from the terrible incident which happened in the first season – but Dushane is still the Top Boy. However, the Top Boy has found himself some new business, engaging himself with large scale drug dealer, Scotsman Joe. With his own produces now failing and his friends turning against him, will Dushane make it out alive?

Series 2 Episode 3

With Dushane falling into endless pit of crime, drugs and violence, close friend, Rihanna, attempts to make the infamous gangster see straight. She introduces the Top Boy to a range of property developers to help divert him away from the life as a gang member. However, this wasn’t to be as he is pulled into yet another drug infested situation, as he is forced to help Sully recover the drugs from the Albanians.

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