Diversity Review: Still Dreaming, Believing and Achieving

Diversity stopped off at the Brighton Centre as part of their 10-year anniversary tour, Born Ready.

It has been 10 years since Diversity won Britain’s Got Talent in 2009, beating Scottish singer Susan Boyle to win a spot at the Royal Variety Performance and £100,000.   

Created by fellow dancer Ashley Banjo, the group also consists of Jordan Banjo, Perri Kiely, Mitchell Craske, Sam Craske, Warren Russell, Terry Smith, and Nathan Ramsey. 

The tour also featured members of Danceworks; the next generation of Diversity dancers.  Ashley Banjo wanted to show the audience what they have been doing over the past 10 years and also what the future looks like for them as a group. 

Picture by Chloe Pont

Kicking off the show the screens played a recording of Ashley reading a letter from his mum, Danielle Banjo, about how far the group has come and talking about the love for family and the dance group. 

These recordings were a big part of the show. Throughout the show, heart-warming recordings of Ashley talking to his baby daughter Rose about the journey were shown. 

The show featured dances for all the members looking back at the music videos and dance routines that inspired them to become members. The segment featured music by the likes of Destiny’s Child and Chris Brown. 

The show did not just showcase what Diversity can do in terms of dance, the show is full of action packs stunts and tricks. From illusions and Ashley attempting to escape from a box full of water while being handcuffed.  

Diversity members look on as Ashley Banjo tries to escape from locked box

Members looked on in panic as the time ticked over 2 minutes, much longer than Ashley claimed he could hold his breath for. The moment would have left you feeling anxious and worried. But as the time ticked to 2 minutes and 30 seconds he managed to unlock the box and burst out of the box breathless. The crowd roared and clapped, amazed by what they had just seen. It was a heart in your mouth moment. 

The audience also got to witness a performance by 2018’s Britain’s Got Talent finalist Gruffydd Wyn, a classical singer who performed a song. The Fuel Girls, a fire performance group from the UK who performed with some of the members from Diversity, with the added risk of fire involved. There were also some impressive balancing skills from Sascha Williams who juggled while balancing on rocking platforms. 

The group was also joined by Dergin Tokmak, who grew up not being able to walk but learned how to dance with crutches. He showed the crowds that anything is possible. 

It’s great to see that after all these years Diversity is still going by their motto of Dream, Believe, Achieve. 

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