Crackdown on parking nightmare around Hollington schools


New parking restrictions are badly needed around schools in Hollington, parents and councillors have warned, after safety concerns were raised.

Illegal parking on double yellow lines, double parking and people ‘abandoning their cars’ are contributing to a dangerous environment outside schools. There have been concerns raised about the safety of children in the affected areas.

Following an incident where two children attending a school in Hollington were knocked over right outside the school, the council has called for special measures to be put in place.

The local councillor for Hollington, Emily Westley, has said: “Parents parking irresponsibly and illegally at school time is a real danger to children’s safety across Hastings and it is our duty to ensure our children are safe. My idea is to educate the children about speed awareness and dangerous parking and the consequences so that if the person driving them to school is doing any of the above then the child will ‘nag’ that this is dangerous. Adults don’t like to feel like they are letting a child down and so generally the ‘nagging’ works.”

Emily Brown is a mother of a child who goes to school in Hollington. She said: “They need a lollipop lady, it’s so dangerous for the kids outside the school right now. I think getting kids to nag their parents to park better is a good idea as well. There’s no car park for parents right now, there’s only one for staff so that contributes to the problem.”

Quebec Road sits directly opposite a primary school in Hollington and bears the brunt of a lot of the parking problems. Jimmy Thomas, who is a resident of Quebec Road, said: “It’s a real problem during the school run. People park in front of our drive and I’ve had my wing mirrors knocked off three times. There needs to be some speed bumps. There was a head-on collision here, right after school and both the vehicles had kids in them.”

Rebecca Black also lives on Quebec Road. She said: “It is really dangerous here. The kids just run about before and after school.”

Lindy Hovendon is a mother and teacher at a school outside Hollington. She said: “It’s not only dangerous for children but the residents complain constantly too as parents park ridiculously – sometimes literally just abandon their cars. I think if schools were given the money within their already tight budgets to have someone to take on a role such as a lollipop man/lady, that could ensure not only that children cross safely but have the authority to ensure parents park safely.”

Speaking about the idea to get children to ‘nag’ their parents she said: “Some children could get quite hung up on where their parent/carer parks and could cause more worry, stress and anxiety than needed.”

Written by Katia Damborsky, Edited by Matt Butler