Cornish hotel owner claims £100,000 after Trump victory

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A hotel owner living in Cornwall has won £100,000 from bets after Donald Trump became President of the United States.

John Mappin, the owner of Camelot Castle in Cornwall successfully secured £100,000 on 35 bets made over the course of 18 months, staking around £20,000 in total. In an interview on CBS Network on November 3, Mappin stated that his bet on Trump’s nomination at 20/1 was his first bet he had ever made. Mappin won the entire book at William Hill with this one bet and was then encouraged to place a bet on Trump winning the entire election which stood at 33/1.

Mappin’s incentive to back Trump did not come from one fortunate bet. In the same interview, Mappin referred to Trump as a ‘consummate professional’, someone who wouldn’t have ‘made that move (ran for President) unless he’d thought it through.’ He believed this despite the many opinions held by pundits and much of the public when claiming that ‘people were saying he wasn’t very serious about it.’ Mappin feared the potential presidency of Hillary Clinton, claiming it would be a ‘very scary proposition’ and that she would easily be controlled by other world powers such as Vladimir Putin.

Mappin expresses his support for Donald Trump mostly through social media outlet Twitter. As well as this, Mappin has given the new President a hereditary knighthood for his work with American veterans, with the new president already raising $6.5 million for the cause.

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