Comedy in Eastbourne: It’s No Laughing Matter

Joking around…it’s a serious business.

We went into Eastbourne to find the jokers in the pack.

Sam Hooley, 18, is an undergraduate student from the University of Brighton, currently studying Sports Coaching.

“What has got two legs and bleeds?” James, our reporter, simply replies: “I don’t know.” Sam says “half a dog” with a smirk on his face.

Sam fondly remembers seeing this joke in a Christmas cracker he received in 2012. This holiday period was particularly memorable for him as he received his first gaming console accompanied with a copy of FIFA 12, a popular game at the time.

Guchie, a 19-year-old International Events Management student, informed us that his favourite joke was as follows: “What is the difference between a snow man and a snow woman? Snow balls.”

He discovered the joke whilst eating one of his favourite snacks, a Penguin bar. The undergraduate student thoroughly enjoys this particular snack as it reminds him of his childhood.

He recalls eating this snack from a young age and still to this day has a private stash of the chocolate goods in his dorm.

A retired plumber, Arthur, who recently moved to Eastbourne from Oxfordshire to “live out the rest of my years”, claimed that he was 21, but we were sceptical.

When asked what his favourite joke was, after careful consideration, he says: “What is orange and sounds like a parrot?” He instantly says: “A carrot”.

Dan Moruzzi, a sport science student from the University of Brighton, shared his interview joke with us. “When I go to an interview I sometimes get asked what my worst habit is. I said that I sometimes lie, then follow up with ‘I like your shirt’.” Dan informed us that he learnt his joke from a film; however, he could not remember what the film was called. This particular type of joke is subtle as it is not a direct insult, although this is what makes the joke funny.

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