24 hours in Munich

A mug of Gluhwein at the Munich Christmas markets

Tweet It’s almost Christmas and a spontaneous trip lends you 24 hours to explore Munich, the capital of Bavaria, so what does one do? If you are anything like me, you get on the old interweb and do a spot of investigating as you pass the journey to Gatwick at ridiculous o’clock in the morning. Recent news stories have lowered Tripadvisor in your estimation, so you delve a little further. Travel and food writers are my ubiquitous go-to. I want to see the sights and get a flavour of München in…

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Tweet Over the last week, University of Brighton journalism students have worked tirelessly in our Eastbourne and Hastings Newsrooms to create content for the Overtime and Overtime Online publications. Based on research and feedback from students, this years editorial team took a different approach in order to produce a more student-focused magazine. Fiona McGeever caught up with editors Kieran McGinley and Adam Powers to discuss the vision behind this revamped magazine-style edition.     All smiles as the first edition of the newly revamped Overtime magazine goes to print! @OverTime_Online…

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Newsweek Autumn 2017: Behind The Scenes

Tweet Adam Powers takes a niche look at what newly-recruited freelance photographers Matthew Penn and Sammy Brough have been up to in their endeavours around East Sussex. The pair’s travels included paying a homeless man in order to get a picture of him, spending hours framing images for the drug-oriented front page – a splash which they eventually secured – and general guru behaviour from photography aficionado Mr Penn. (Disclaimer: Some of these scenes have been created for entertainment purposes.)

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More Than Just A Game

Tweet The multi-billion dollar industry is more than just the surface level games like FIFA and Call Of Duty. It has variety like you never thought, able to fit and mold to anyones preferences. With the continued expansion of gaming, industry giants Nintendo have parted the seas yet again with their new release: Mario Odyssey. The long awaited Wolfenstein hit shelves with its much anticipated sequel and one of the staple franchises in console gaming released Assassin’s Creed Origins. Not only was this madness released in the same year but…

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Sustainability and student life – your choices matter.

A basket of fruit and vegetables

A few weeks ago, I attended the world’s first Compassion in World Farming Extinction and Livestock Conference in London. Over two days, more than 500 experts, campaigners, policy-makers and business leaders from around the globe gathered together to explore the impact of livestock production on the future of life on this planet.

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