Video Q&A: Caroline Ansell on the NHS, nursing and the Eastbourne fire

Q: Stephen Lloyd says if you look at the polls Boris will get his majority so you don’t need to worry about voting for you locally to get a Conservative majority. Why should people vote for you?

Q: You’ve mentioned how much the NHS means to you, and to your family. Do you trust Boris Johnson not to sell our NHS?

Q: When you were an MP 2015-2017 you always voted against the right to remain for EU nationals. One of the Conservative pledges is 50,000 new nurses (a third being retained). 6.4% of our nurses are EU nationals. How do you expect to get 50,000 more when you won’t protect the right for 6.4% of them to remain here?

Q: In the last 2 weeks there was a huge fire in Eastbourne at the Claremont hotel. In the wake of that the Fire Brigades Union have made a statement saying they ‘cannot survive’ another 5 years of Tory government. They also cite 15% cuts in the last 3 years as well as there being a 21% decline in firefighters on the frontline since 2010. What can you say to reassure them?

Q: Lastly, what can you say to Ken Pollock about the Devonshire Park tennis courts? Will you help them get back into public use?

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