Btowns Hottest Labels

Brighton offers a spectrum of music taste; global and UK artists can always find an audience here and perform.

However, Brighton has always had the potential to create new music. And that’s why here at B-Tune we are going through Btowns, hottest ‘independent’ labels.

Tru Thoughts

A British independent record label created by Paul Jonas and Robert Luis in 1999 Brighton.

Since then has grown into one of the most well-respected independent labels, after their original success off with their first 12″ EP, Alarming Frequency and Bonobo’s Animal Magic in July 2000.

Approaching their 20th anniversary, Tru has dropped over 120 albums, these albums include many sounds such as Instrumental, Heavy Club tracks, Reggae, DNB, Hip-hop, Jazz & Soul.

Some recognisable names Tru have worked with are Skream, an electronic producer from Croydon, described as a dub-step pioneer. More famously Stevie Wonder, Tru Thoughts featured Wonder on a track called ‘Feeling You’.


Founded by JC Reid, Tim Jeffery and Damien Harris, SKINT was founded in 1995, originally created as a sub-label of Loaded Records.

The label became a leader of the underground music in the late 90s thanks to a stellar cast like, Fatboy Slim who has SKINT’s only number one album, “You’ve come along way, baby” and X-Press 2, whose “Lazy” charted 2 in the UK charts.

Also, Double 99’s “RIP Groove” was released in 2001 under SKINT’s label and is considered as one of the pioneering songs within dubstep.

SKINT has always had a close relationship with Brighton, especially with Brighton and Hove Albion, being kit sponsors for nine years from 1999-2008. In 2014, SKINT was bought by BMG. With this, they announced the return of their label founder Damien Harris. 

SKINT can still be found in Brighton, continuing to produce modern electronic music, with new critically acclaimed artists like Maya Jane Cole and Hercules and Love Affair. Fatboy Slim is still signed to this day.

FatCat Records

Starting as a small record shop in Crawley, 1990, David Cawley and Alexander Knight, with a shared love, of music decided to re-locate to Brighton as a new label FatCat. 

The label extends into many genres like experimental rock, electronica and psychedelic folk. Some artists proved successful for the label such as Icelandic bands Sigur Rós and Múm, as well as C Duncan’s debut album, which was nominated for the Mercury Prize.

FatCat has a sub-label called FCR for club tracks. This allows FatCat to not be pigeonholed in certain genres and go back to their roots of interest with Detroit and Chicago-based techno and house. FCR will be featuring artists like Mall Grab, Ali Berger, Grain and E&D.

Yogocop Records

Yogocop Records was founded in a Brighton basement in 2012 by Benaddict, M.KOZI, Concept Of Thought and Cloud 9, producers and MCs who wanted to promote their own music.

This up-and-coming label is a symbol of hip-hop and rap from local people in Brighton. Yogocop represents what it is to be a small starter label and how if you want something done right, do it yourself.

They are approaching 5K subscribers on YouTube and have expanded the label by adding NuphZed, Tom Yum, Hank Hiller and Mr Slipz, whose “Sketches” ft. Verbz has reached over 25K views. You can find their range of clothes ‘Yogo Sport’ and artist list on their website:  

Sub-edited by Natacha Andueza

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