Brighton Panthers’ relegated with a 1-0 defeat to Hertfordshire.

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Herts Final

With relegation looming for the Brighton Panthers, they faced Hertfordshire at home and were hoping to pick up three points in an attempt to salvage something from their terrible season. Yet, it wasn’t to be for the Panthers’ who lost 1-0.


With their last encounter providing great entertainment, resulting in a 3-2 defeat for Brighton, this game was quite the contrast.


The game started slow and tedious with the teams just passing the ball amongst themselves, with neither team gaining momentum or possession in order to get the first goal of the game.


Yet, this game showcased Brighton Panthers’ talent, they settled within the game and began playing some attacking football, creating chances. None of those chances were converted in the first 45 minutes.


Both teams ended the first half frustrated with Hertfordshire sitting comfortably 2nd in the BUCS league, both teams had incentives to win. Hertfordshire wanted to win the league and Brighton wanted to stay in the league.


It was Hertfordshire who came out the brighter side, forcing the Brighton’s defence to produce some excellent tackles to avoid loosing once again to Herts.


The breakthrough eventually came in the 71st minute, but for the away side. A well-worked goal from the left winger, with a sliding cross and an easy tap for their striker saw the Panthers’ fall behind.


Panthers’ Devante Davis came close to equalising in the 84th minute, but his shot hit the crossbar, a near miss. Summed up the Panthers’ season.


With this defeat, even with a win against rivals Sussex in their final game, the Panthers’ were relegated from the BUCS league. Their terrible season was drawing to a close and with only two wins in the whole season, the team looked to their final game to gain another win.


Yet their season wasn’t over, derby day was next.


By Aneeka Jivraj and Aisha Karim

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