Boris Johns-GONE?

By Joseph Shannon

Theresa May is facing heavy pressure to sack Boris Johnson amid concerns his comments regarding a British-Iranian charity worker could extend her jail sentence by five years.

Nazanin-Zaghari Ratcliffe was arrested on a family holiday in Iran last year on charges of spying, a claim that is heavily denied by the British Government and her family.

Last week, however, Johnson told MPs that she was “teaching people journalism”, which was quickly used by the Iranian regime as proof that Ratcliffe was “spreading propaganda” against the state. A second trial has been scheduled.

Johnson has refused to retract his statement, saying his words had been misinterpreted and that he will be “calling the Iranian Foreign Minister to raise again his serious concerns about the case and ensure his words will not be misrepresented”.

Tulip Siddiq, the MP for Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s Hampstead constituency, said she was “stunned by the incompetence of the Foreign Secretary”.

Labour MPs have called on Johnson to be sacked for his comments, John Woodcock told HuffPost UK: “Boris’ fly by night statements and occasional buffoonery are dreadful at the best of times.

“But in such an important post as Foreign Secretary, it’s appalling that his blunder has possibly extended this poor woman’s sentence. It raises very serious questions about his credibility in that role.”

Despite the backlash, Theresa May has expressed her “full confidence in Johnson, and praising him for “doing a great job”.


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