Black Friday: Predictions and Must Haves

By Harriet Dunlop

Black Friday 2018 is fast approaching, so what are the essentials and must have items to buy over this Black Friday period? Almost all retail stores will be having enormous sales, in store and online, which can make it an overwhelming time for any shopaholics. Here is a compiled list showing you our predictions on what winter fashions will be a hit this sale season.

In terms of popularity, the top three items most likely to go out of stock the quickest this year are; designer handbags, jumpers, winter boots and shoes. Undoubtedly, we will all be looking for the best discounts and sales, increasing the likelihood of finding these high-end products.

Similarly, the high in demand stores across multiple years of Black Friday, are those that sell designer or high end clothes. Stores such as; Debenhams, Topshop, Mango, ASOS, Office and Urban Outfitters are all very popular choices for Black Friday sales. All of these stores in previous years have had up to 50% off on designer brands, and are likely to undertake similar discounts this year.

So while you aim to buy the best discounted clothes, consider these clothing items and stores in order to ensure you get the best deal, at the best price. Search for all of the best discounts you can, and find yourself a bargain. Happy shopping.

Edited by Rhea Cheramparambil and Maisie Thompson

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