Beardyman: Sheer Volume

Multivocalist and former two-time British Beatboxing Champion, Darren Foreman, also known as Beardyman, is currently taking the music world by storm on his latest project, Sheer Volume.

The project involves him releasing a brand-new single every week throughout the year, along with hosting weekly live streams from his studio which showcase both the visual and audio journey that he goes through whilst creating these songs.

Sheer Volume launched in February and it has certainly been keeping Foreman busy: ‘If you don’t have a deadline, work just stretches into infinity”, he explains.

“I like to make things superfast and the reason why I’ve given myself the technology to make things fast is because I get bored very quickly. “I get very bored of one idea after a while, I’ve got great stuff from over the years that I don’t like because I’ve heard it too many times.”

Because he is releasing a new single every week it means that Foreman has to make these songs at a very quick pace, which ironically is where he feels that he works at his very best. This pressure causes for him to not overthink on each song, therefore allowing for each song to feel unique and sound completely different the others. He explains that there’s a sweet spot that many people use within their job fields. He describes it as being a “familiarity curve” where you get to comfortable with an idea or a pattern and you constantly incorporate it repeatedly within your work.

“My best ideas are ones that I create and do quickly”, he said. “So far it’s been a success that I’ve actually released stuff. “It’s been about two and a half years since my twins were born and my kids are really a big part of this project.”

He said that during the early years of his twins lives he was struggling to make music because of his commitments as being a parent. But anything that he did produce during those years he never chose to release, because he did not like how it sounded.

“It was all sad stuff, I was making songs based around politics, and I was feeling the pressure, and it was all sad and I just did not want to release it”, he said.

However, Foreman now feels that he has now reached the point in his career where he knows what he wants to do and what he wants to create, and he could not be happier. “I’ve changed my style and I’m able to invent and deploy what I want to and it’s amazing. “For the first time in a long time, I’ve learnt what I need to do.”

But being a musician was not something that Foreman always had planned out for himself. Before he got into the industry, he was at university studying for a degree in product design throughout 2004/2005. He enjoyed it because it gave him the opportunity to be creative and the course itself was heavily project based. But during this time he was also working at a bank as a debt collector too, which was a job that he did not enjoy.

“I never saw music as a career for me. “Music was a fun hobby, but it really started to take off when I began playing in cafes and doing my beatboxing. “I was getting 50 quid here and there for a gig and before I knew it, I was winning the national beatbox championships.

“At the time I wanted to prove I could do this and as soon as I knew it bookings started to come in and I dwelled into any project that I wanted to do.”

Throughout the years, Beardyman has produced soundtracks for Netflix and Disney cartoons. In 2011 he released his debut album, I Made An Album and in 2012 he even got to work with one of the biggest DJ’s in the world, Norman Cook, better known as Fatboy Slim, when they worked on the track ‘Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat’ which became the summer anthem of that year.

However, Foreman’s musical style is much more different compared to what Cook offers, as he explains: “He has a particular vibe, he’s very transatlantic and he has his own sound really, he’s phenomenally successful for that reason.”

He said that he learnt lessons from working with Cook, and that he got exposed to completely different audiences from the success that ‘Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat’ gave him, but it was not a path that he wanted to continue on with, as he described the track as being cheesy and one that could have took his career down a different direction.

With his incredible talent and ability to mix in so many different styles of music within his work, it really shouldn’t be a surprise to see why Foreman has gone on to have such a successful career so far.

Beardyman will be playing across the UK this September/October – including a show at CHALK in Brighton.

For details/tickets for the Sheer Volume tour, just head over to Beardyman’s official website –

To keep up with The Sheer Volume Project, make sure you check out Beardyman’s YouTube channel too –

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