BBC Sussex Celebrates 50th Anniversary

This year marks the 50th anniversary of BBC Sussex which first broadcast from Brighton in 1968.

The station back then was called BBC Radio Brighton, one of the first attempts done by the BBC to create regional radios.

The first broadcast happened in the late afternoon of February 14th, but was anticipated in December 1967 by a test broadcast issuing a weather bulletin during a snow storm that hit Brighton.

The original headquarters were in Marlborough Place in a building now hosting a language school.

John Henty, who was one of the original team of presenters, says: “I remember the first record we played was The Move’s Fire Brigade. However, most of the music we played was dull instrumental filler because of the restrictions by record labels on playing pop songs. They feared people would listen too much to the radio and stop buying records.”

The hosts and the staff were all amateurs who had other jobs. Henty recalls how everyone was multi-tasked to answer to the radio’s lack of staff and major funds.

Watch John Henty speak about setting up BBC Radio Brighton in this BBC Sussex short video.

BBC Sussex 50th Anniversary

It’s 50 years since the BBC started broadcasting in Brighton. Here’s a look at those early days. With thanks to The Argus and Screen Archive South East.

Posted by BBC Sussex on Wednesday, 14 February 2018

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