Archie Norris: Happiness Again

Former guest star on The Playlist Podcast, underground pop/R&B musician, Archie Norris has released his first single, ‘Happiness Again’.

The track sees the Hastings-based singer team up with New York DJ and producer, Richie Krisak.

‘Happiness Again’ is a very upbeat track which showcases Archie’s incredible vocals. The track does, however, tackle quite a serious subject. The lyrics go into detail about how people can go through struggles throughout their life, particularly with love, and how all they want to do is just try and be happy once again.

This is a great collaboration between two upcoming musicians, and it’s definitely one that is going to help boost both of their careers.

Archie appeared on The Playlist Podcast a few months ago, where he spoke about how he got into the music industry, along with naming some of his inspirations and whose on his list of names he hopes to work with one day.

You can listen to ‘Happiness Again’ on our playlist below, along with some other tracks from Richie Krisak.

If you want to listen to more of Archie’s music, then you can find him on YouTube where he regularly posts original songs and covers:

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