Aquaman preview: DC’s must see

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures™ & © DC Comics

By Adam Benfell and Jack Willard 

The new DC Extended Universe (DCEU) adaption of Aquaman hit the big screens today. Jason Momoa returns as Aquaman following his appearance in Justice League and the film also stars Nicole Kidman as Queen Atlanna. Director James Wan, renowned for his horror work, takes the leap into the superhero world.

The film follows Arthur Curry (Aquaman) as he discovers that he is the heir to the throne of Atlantis and must lead his kingdom. However, he finds himself caught fighting to protect the surface world which his brother, Orm, is seeking to turn Atlantis against.

With an estimated budget of $160 million we can expect a successful box office performance from Aquaman as it is the first time the character has had its own adaptation. This would follow the precedent set by last year’s Wonder Woman, which was in a similar position.

Recently DC films have performed well commercially but have been flops from a critical standpoint, a trend Aquaman will try to buck. The film is already proving to be a hit in China, already generating $94.2 million, 85% of the box office share, making it the biggest opening weekend in the region for Warner Bros.

Faye Sayers said: “As a comic book fan I’m really looking forward to it. It correlates a lot between the comics and seems to be a very interesting watch. I’m also looking forward to a bit of diversity in modern comic book films.”

Jason Momoa joins Amber Heard and William Dafoe. Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures & © DC Comics.

However, the hype around the film is not shared by everyone. “DC are making a weird choice by having an Aquaman movie straight after Justice League,” said James Webb.

This is probably due to how DC’s rival studio, Marvel, had success with their tactic of introducing each of the four heroes with their own solo films, before putting them together in The Avengers. Critics felt that important elements of Aquaman’s character were cut from last year’s Justice League, which ultimately left fans wanting more.

A peak into the underwater throne room of the Fisherman Kingdom. Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.

We expect Aquaman to be a big success for DC at the box office, and judging from the trailer it looks very action-packed. There is a clear difference between the surface world and the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, which will appeal to those interested in the fantasy aspect of the movie.

As this is Aquaman’s first major film, there is no doubt that this film has developed a lot of buzz. As the character stands out against your more traditional superhero, the experience we will get from Aquaman will probably be very different to anything else we have seen from the superhero genre before.

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