Airbourne 2018: Photo gallery

Airbourne – Eastbourne’s annual air show. Gorgeous sea views, stunning air displays, and a whole host of stalls, events, and culture. Airbourne is a great event, and an event that relies on the weather being sunny, but could the unpredictable (and extreme) British summer hold up for Eastbourne’s event of the year?

Airbourne runs across four days, usually Thursday until Sunday. Most years Airbourne is lucky, and has sunshine across the entire long weekend.. but out of the four days, only one was perfect sunshine. Luckily our culture editor, Mollie, was there to capture some of the highlights from the day, from the edge of the Sunshine Coast…

Sat beneath the sunshine on a pebbled beach, big wheel in sight, and the red arrows about to fly in, and perform a masterful show above the ocean, Friday 17 2018 was the picture perfect day for Eastbourne’s famous air show. The weather peaked at around twenty five, and the views were truly spectacular. Airbourne Day 2 2018 was marvellous.

From Spitfires, Lancaster Bombers, Red Arrows, Chinooks, Wing-walkers, and Typhoons – Eastbourne’s annual air show is full of amazing displays.. whether you’re an expert with planes or you simply love to admire the gorgeous sights, Airbourne is great for all of the family.

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