Abortion still an issue 50 years after its legalisation

Abortion is often swept under the carpet because it still is uncomfortable, claims an anti-abortion group Hastings representative.

A recent anti-abortion street display carried out by Abort 67 nearby Hastings NHS abortion clinic saw the strong opposition of pro-choice abortion supporters, proving the debate around this issue is still alive 50 years after 1967 Abortion Act.


Susanne Molina, Abort 67 Hastings representative, said the argument is still open as abortion involves the life of “innocent human beings”.

Ms Molina claimed there is a need to speak about abortion. She said: “We need to stop collaborating with the hush-up tactic that often happens in the medical industry as abortion is a serious issue which affects one out of three women in England.”



A pro-choice supporter attending the street protest claimed abortion is not an uncomfortable topic, but are certain people making it appear as such.

Pro-abortion supporters reunited at the display independently from any organisation and tried to cover an Abort 67 banner showing foetus pictures with pro-choice signs.

Many girls sung the slogan “my body, my choice” to remark women’s freedom in choosing whether to abort or not.

Abortion can still be an uncomfortable topic as this sign installed by Abort 67 shows.
Abortion can still be an uncomfortable topic.

No incidents were registered and many debates pacifically took place in the street.

An anti-abortion supporter said: “There is no problem about having a conversation and being passionate about it. What we don’t want is people trying to one-up each other.”

Abortion could be a matter of concern also for university students, who may feel uncomfortable at dealing with it.

We spoke to Sam Mallender head of the Contraception and Sexual Health Action Team at University of Brighton. Listen to the exclusive interview from the player below.

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