A Question for Trump

By Fin Jupp, Gemma Rootes, Kristian Bayford, Christopher Kaye and Josie Kennedy

Given the arduous task of covering peoples opinions on the infamous Donald Trump, we had one topic in mind: if you were given the opportunity to meet the man himself and ask him a question, what would it be? 

Given the magnitude of the question we also wanted to find people of different ages and backgrounds. Thanks to that we have a relatively accurate portrayal of the issues people have with the man who stands atop the most powerful country on Earth. 

We asked James Preston, 30, a current venue manager here at our student union what he thought of the controversial world leader. James seemed to have good general knowledge and seemed pretty clued up on Trump’s actions. He specifically mentioned he was unhappy with Trumps current stance on the Obamacare policy, and said that if given the chance to have a conversation with Trump he would ask him ‘Why does he think that the Obamacare policy is not right and will not work for the US?. 
The controversial question currently occupies the mind of many Republicans who are in the position to vote either for or against TrumpCare, abolishing Obamacare in the process. As it stands Obamacare remains with the Republicans being split down the middle. 
Louis Spencer, 18, a current student at the University of Brighton, had a very interesting response , he asked what Trumps opinion on the UK was this is significant because of the Brexit negotiations currently. This is important as Trump was a strong supporter of Brexit and wanted to maintain the “special relationship” between the 2 countries.  As the US is one of the biggest trading partners with the UK it is important that we have a President who wants to work side by side with their strongest ally.  
Ryan Navarro, 19, another student, strongly opposes Trump‘s views on race, culture, and religion and says that he’s really just a businessman applying his knowledge of industry to his presidential role, which could potentially be an explanation for his generally naïve and immature actions as president. Ryan went on to say that he doesn’t really act on many of the things he said he was going to do, and that he seems like a bad president’. 
If Ryan could ask Mr. Trump any sort of question, he would ask him why he wanted to become a president in the first place, and if there‘s anything that he actually wants to achieve. It’s apparent that he doesn’t seem to have much of a positive background, and there were many other candidates who had far more presidential potential, which made Trump being elected even more shocking.  
Looking for a change in interviewee we found a couple of older gentlemen to see if their opinions differed. They offered very patient and mature opinions, unsurprisingly. Whilst they thought that maybe he could be going about it in a better way, John Elphick, 76, said: “I think you’ve got to give him a chance”, their point being that he was democratically elected so it is something American voters brought onto themselves. 
Whilst he may have only been in office for a matter of months, the fact that he has shaken not only the US but the world up so much contributes to the opinion that maybe he is ill-suited for the throne. However, John, believes that what we have seen so far may just be the start and that we should strap ourselves in for a long journey of change and controversial tweets. 
We also asked 41 people in Eastbourne, if, hypothetically, Trump was to run against Theresa May in a UK general election, who would they vote for.
In that poll, 83% voted for May and just 17% for Trump. 


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